Blowing Hot (Or Cold) Air


A dreary Friday practice at the British Grand Prix, with limited on-track running because of the wet weather, was enlivened by a public row in a news conference between the bosses of Formula 1’s leading two teams. McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh and Red Bull’s Christian Horner. The two titans disputed the rights and wrongs of the latest ruling from motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, on off-throttle blowing of diffusers, allowing special and secret dispensation to certain teams to run at Sliverstone this weekend in excess of the FIA’s recent dictates. As Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes said, summing up the feeling of many: “I can’t understand a word of what is being talked about, so imagine what it’s like for the people in the grandstands….”

Tempers blow hot in F1’s latest engine dispute | BBC Andrew Benson.


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