Move of the Year 2011

Belgian GP 2011

Although Sebastian Vettel dominated F1 this season, literally re-writing the Formula One record books, there was an unexpectedly high level of overtaking, banging and bumping behind him on the grid.

One of the best was a series of moves by his Red Bull teammate Mark Webber on Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari, including a flat-out pass through Spa-Francorchamp’s infamous Eau Rouge corner.  (We personally think Sebastian Vettel’s brilliant pass of Alonso on the outside of the Curva Grande during the 2011 Italian Grand Prix at Monza tops the list.)  Video highlights of Webber verses Alonso below from F1A&G, courtesy of SpeedTV, and of the Eau Rouge move from the Belgian GP grandstands, via YouTube (at 0:13).

When Mark Webber overtook Alonso at the base of Eau Rouge. Coming up behind the Spaniard, who had just exited the pits, Webber caught a tow and decided to go wheel to wheel as the cars compressed into the track at 170mph just before the climb up the hill. Any contact would have put them both in the barriers but the Australian was confident that Alonso would read the move correctly and lift off, which he did. Winless all season, Webber conquered Belgium in a moment that made the stomach lurch and the head spin.

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