Season Review 2011 (Official)

FIA Official Review 2011 at

Re-live all the thrills and spills of the 2011 Formula One World Championship with the just-released official FIA/ DVD, now also for the first time in Blu-ray HD format. It’s bigger (5 1/2 hours) than ever, but is it better?

Embedded video clip above courtesy of The Sun, which reports there are “a host of special features such as pit-to-car radio, camera angles not previously broadcast and exclusive film, including a white-knuckle ride around the daunting streets of Monaco with Paul di Resta.”

At F1A&G, we’re of two minds about this video series. Don’t get we wrong; I own them all. But the reality is that’s “race edit” compilations are more visually interesting, shorter and usually better produced. How many Formula One fans, even enthusiasts, can devote half a day to watching a season review? And because these DVDs are copy protected, one cannot legally extract clips or stills for personal use, even as computer wallpaper.

It’s a good item to add to your F1 library. Let’s just hope it does not sit on the shelf forever.

To win a copy, enter this sweepstakes. To buy a DVD in European (PAL) format, try, Duke Video UK or the store. North Americans may have to wait for a bit longer, I’m afraid, although Paul Zimmerman at The Motorsport Collector is accepting orders.

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