Q1 Versus Q3 2011

What is it that catapulted Sebastian Vettel to gain just enough in Q3 — typically on the last flying lap — to capture pole position in the 2011 Formula One season?  The Viva F1 Blog takes a look at the numbers.

Red Bull Q1 v. Q3 2011 graph

The difference between Red Bull’s Q1 and Q3 performances are striking. I’ll leave it to you to decide if the results indicate that Red Bull were just “laid back” in Q1 and were great at maximising their potential in the Q3 shoot-out or if there is something else at play. I guess the conspiracy theorists will point the finger at something else; some advantage Red Bull could turn to on demand. Whatever the reason, it’s intriguing that they could gain 0.436% on their average Q1 time.

Q1 & Q3 Analysis | Viva F1.


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