Grand Prix of America test run — Weehawken, West NY

Coulthard—New Jersey 2012

David Coulthard straps into an Infiniti for his test run

“I think this place is just exceptional,” said Sebastian Vettel, Formula One’s 24-year-old German superstar, during a news conference in Weehawken to promote the race. He favorably compared the Hudson County course to that in Monaco, home of the most famous of all Grands Prix. Leo Hindery Jr., the former YES network head who is organizing the GP, said he expected the London-based Formula One organization to officially designate the race as part of its 2013 international calendar sometime “early next month.”

Formula 1 champ races through Grand Prix test run in Weehawken, West New York |

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  1. Bernie Ecclestone is hesitating if the first race will be in 2013 or 2014… I suppose that is as he always does to put pressure on the organizers.

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