Monza 1971

Emerson Fittipaldi pilots the four-wheel drive Lotus 56B, fitted with a Pratt & Whitney gas turbine engine, to an 8th place finish at the 1971 Italian Grand Prix, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. Based on Colin Chapman’s Indy 500 turbine cars, the 56B appeared in only three GPs, without scoring World Championship points — it was too heavy and too overcomplicated for F1.

In spite of the plans to construct a smaller and lighter version, the Lotus 56B was the last turbine-driven car in Formula One. By then Chapman decided to cut his losses and abandoned the 56, the four wheel drive concept and the gas turbine engine to concentrate on the Lotus 72, which went on to win the drivers’ and constructors’ championships for Team Lotus in 1972.

Monza 1971

Courtesy of Formula 1 High Res Photos (Old and New) via Facebook.


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