Nürburgring For Sale, Only $165M


The Nürburgring is officially up for sale, including the arena, museum, Nordschleife and even the defunct roller coaster. The government-owned motorsports complex fell into bankruptcy last July, and while there were plenty of rumors on the topic of potential buyers, the list of serious parties interested in the complex has reportedly shrunk from somewhere around 50 to a more manageable five or 10. Jens Lieser, a state-appointed liquidator told BridgetoGantry.com that there isn’t “a single Oligarch or Sheik amongst them.”

Nürburgring for sale, yours for only $165 million | Autoblog.


Here’s hoping it remains open as a racing facility, even for amateurs in their Porsche 911s (I’m a Boxster man, myself). Touristenfahrten, or “Public driving”, on the Nordschleife is a tradition that dates back to the very birth of the circuit in 1927. It’s arguably the single most amazing thing about the ‘Ring and a major reason for it’s global popularity. Got some spare millions?


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