1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix

1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix | YouTube.

Many a Formula One season had come down to a dramatic climax at the final race of the season, most of which took place at Mexico City, Watkins Glen, or even the odd one at Fuji. In 1981, the names of the three title contenders were familiar — Nelson Piquet, Carlos Reutemann and Jacques Laffite — but the location wasn’t: Caesars Palace car park.

What happens in Vegas – Rewind to … 1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix | ESPN F1.


Cesars Palace 1981

Alan Jones leads Gilles Villeneuve into the first corner of the 1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix, held in the casino’s parking lot. Actually a tremendously exciting, championship-deciding race, won by Nelson Piquet.


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