Who Knew They Were Green?

Mario Andretti as defending F1 World Champion in 1979 preparing to drive the ill-fated Lotus 80 at the height of the ground effects era in Formula One.

We’re diehard Lotus fans, but still somehow recalled that the ’79 cars were clad in the same black-and-gold JPS livery as was the case through and including Ayrton Senna’s mid-1980s tenure with Team Lotus. That’s what black and white photos and the F1 stone age before worldwide television broadcasts of all Grand Prix races was all about. (And yes, I’m old enough to remember British Racing Green.)

Andretti 1979

Auto Racing | Pinterest.

And a nice side view from the Spanish GP at Montjuïc, courtesy of antarc via Flickr.

Lotus 80 - 1979 (Mario Andretti)   Formula 1  Esperit de Montjuïc 2012


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