Monaco Is Really Expensive

$36,000 (£24,000) for a hotel balcony overlooking the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo. Now that’s a princely some. My son and ex-wife are there this weekend. But at least they’re staying in Nice. ;=)

Senna—Monaco 1991

The most expensive seats trackside are £1,400 on race day, with admission onto a rough hill overlooking a big screen coming in at £30 — but some of the best views are from hotel balconies, such as the Fairmont hotel which sits on the famous hairpin and is where Star Wars creator George Lucas is a race weekend regular. It’s not cheap, though, with a suite overlooking the track costing £24,000 for four nights — the minimum number of nights you can book on race weekend.

The magic of the Monaco Grand Prix | BBC Sport.


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