Max Mosley’s Morality And the Bahrain GP


After FIA decided to put Bahrain back on the schedule, the local chieftains celebrated. Gulf Daily News | Crown Prince Praises F1 Vote.  Not everyone agrees.

Max Mosley, he of the Nazi-femdom S&M perversions, is also a principled human being when it comes to international politics and F1.  For once I agree with him.  Mosley said:

The problem with Bahrain is that the Grand Prix would be being used by the regime in order to further its aims, so it almost becomes an instrument of the regime oppressing the people who are being badly treated. Thats why it goes beyond what we can accept as a sporting body.

F1 A Uniting Force for Bahrain.  If FOCA and Bernie Ecclestone cowtow to his Arab sheik and reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 2011 Formula One calendar despite the political unrest — and governmental suppression — of the “Arab Spring,” it will be a transparent, crass commercial sell-out.  Bahrain GP Gets the Thumbs-Up; But is it Thumbs Down for Formula1? | iSport.

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