Formula 1 Stewards Must be Tougher—Martin Brundle

I’m writing a post on blocking and weaving, but this quote from former F1 driver Martin Brundle is direct and honest. BBC Sport.  The “reprimands” doled out recently for driving moves that are way over the line, indeed have swung the pendulum 180 degrees from F1’s history of sordid and controversial penalties.

After the brutal and sometimes unfathomable penalties of the past few years we now seem to have swung the completely other way. I don’t believe McLaren were guilty of an unsafe release when Hamilton nearly clouted the side of Vettel’s car. But the subsequent driver behaviour down the pit lane was positively dangerous. Vettel shoved Hamilton towards the wheel guns and mechanics, albeit long after Hamilton should have yielded. They both received a reprimand, but what does that mean? How long does a reprimand last and how many are you allowed to collect before a real penalty?

China Pitlane

Hamilton & Vettel in Pitlane

Formula 1 stewards must be tougher, says Martin Brundle | BBC Sport F1.

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