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The art and genius of F1 motor racing is represented best in photographs of the cars and drivers who have made the sport their stage over the decades. Please e-mail us if you have photos to add to the F1A&G collection, and many thanks to those who have graciously contributed to these photo galleries.

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The Classic Era (1950-69)

The classic era of Formula One was a very different time — before sponsors, downforce, worldwide TV and multimillion dollar contracts. These Grand Prix legends competed for the love of the sport, risking death in every race.
Clark In Opposite Lock

The Third Decade (1970-82)

The third decade of Formula One witnessed radical changes in Grand Prix technology — from wings to ground effects — and starred some of the best drivers of all time, including Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi and Niki Lauda.
Gilles—Monaco 1981

The Modern Era (1983-94)

The modern era of Formula One traces from the introduction of turbos in the early 1980s, to the tremendous “active cars” that were banned after the 1993 season, to the turmoil in the aftermath of Ayrton Senna’s tragic 1994 accident at the San Marino GP.
Senna 1991

The Schumacher Era (1995-2005)

For a full decade Michael Schumacher dominated Formula One like no other driver in history, handily eclipsing contemporary rivals Villeneuve, Häkkinen, Hill and others, on the way to an astounding seven World Championships.
Schumacher 2001

The New Lions (2006-present)

Led by Vettel, Alonoso, Hamilton and Button, the new lions in today’s F1 circus are navigating radically different sporting waters with ever-changing rules, circuits and sponsors, while vying to claim leadership of another Grand Prix generation.
Buddh 2011

The Drivers (All Eras)

The legendary drivers of F1, and today’s contemporary heros, seen up close, in the cockpit — with the intensity and determination of champions — and on the winners’ podium in joyous celebration.

The Art & Genius

Formula One is an inherently beautiful sport. Even more so through the photographer's lens. Thanks to the many photographic artists represented in this gallery.
Spa 2012


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