All-Time F1 Records

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These are the F1 statistics that are not covered in race recaps and season wins/points standings. Some are the product of skill and dominance and others of perseverance and luck — the stuff of which F1 racing is made.

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All statistics through 2015 Malaysian GP.
Drivers Records
Most F1 World Championships mapMichael Schumacher 7
Most Grands Prix Contested mapRubens Barrichello 322
Most GP Wins (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 91
Most GP 2nd Places (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 43
Most GP 3rd Places (Career) mapFernando Alonso
mapRubens Barrichello
mapKimi Räikkönen
Most Season Wins mapSebastian Vettel (2013)
mapMichael Schumacher (2004)
Most Consecutive Wins (Season) mapSebastian Vettel (2013) 9
Most Wins — One GP mapMichael Schumacher (France) 8
Most Consecutive Wins — One GP mapAyrton Senna (Monaco 1989-93) 5
Most Consecutive Top Two Finishes mapSebastian Vettel (2010-11)
mapMichael Schumacher (2002)
Most Podium Appearances (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 155
Most Leading km (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 24,144
Most Leading Laps (Season) mapSebastian Vettel (2011)
mapNigel Mansell (1992)
739 (65.23%)
692 (66.80%)
Most Leading Laps Percentage (Season) mapJim Clark (1963) 71.47%
Most F1 Points (Career) mapFernando Alonso (current scoring)*
mapMichael Schumacher
Most F1 Points (Season) mapSebastian Vettel (2013) (current scoring)
mapMichael Schumacher (2004)
Most Fastest Laps (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 77
Most Fastest Laps (Season) mapKimi Räikkönen (2008)
mapMichael Schumacher (2004)
Most Pole Positions (Career) mapMichael Schumacher 68
Most Pole Positions (Season) mapSebastian Vettel (2011)
mapNigel Mansell (1992)
15 (78.95%)
14 (87.50%)
Most Front Row Starts (Consecutive) mapSebastian Vettel (2010-11) 25
Most Wins From Pole (Season) mapSebastian Vettel (2011)
mapNigel Mansell (1992)
9 (47.37%)
9 (56.25%)
Most Start/Finish Wins (Career) mapAyrton Senna 19
Most “Grand Chelems” (Career)** mapJim Clark 8
Most Points Classifications (Consecutive) mapKimi Räikkönen (2012-13)
mapMichael Schumacher (2001-02)
Most DNFs (Career) mapAndrea de Cesaris 136
Youngest GP Points Finisher mapMax Verstappen (Malaysian GP 2015) 17Yr, 180Dy
Oldest GP Points Finisher mapLouis Chiron (Monaco GP 1955) 55Yr, 292Dy
Youngest GP Winner mapSebastian Vettel (Italian GP 2008) 21Yr, 73Dy
Oldest GP Winner mapLuigi Fagioli (French GP 1951) 53Yr
Youngest World Champion mapSebastian Vettel (2010)
mapLewis Hamilton (2008)
23Yr, 134Dy
23Yr, 300Dy
Oldest World Champion mapJuan Manuel Fangio (1957) 46Yr
Youngest Two-Time World Champion mapSebastian Vettel (2011) 24Yr, 97Dy
Youngest Three-Time World Champion mapSebastian Vettel (2012)
mapAryton Senna (1991)
25Yr, 145Dy
31Yr, 227Dy
Youngest GP Driver mapMax Verstappen (Australian GP 2015) 17Yr, 166Dy
Oldest GP Driver mapLouis Chiron (Monaco GP 1955) 55Yr, 292Dy
Constructors Records
Most F1 Constructors Championships mapFerrari 16
Most GP Wins mapFerrari 221
Most GP Wins (Season) mapMercedes (2014) 16
Most Consecutive GP Wins (Season) mapMcLaren (1988)
mapFerrari (2002)
Most World Championship Points mapFerrari 6,520
Most World Championship Points (Season) mapMercedes (2014) (current scoring)
mapFerrari (2004)
Most 1-2 Finishes (Season) mapMercedes (2014)
mapMcLaren (1988)
11 (57.89%)
10 (62.50%)
Most Pole Positions mapFerrari 207
Most Consecutive Pole Positions mapWilliams (1992-93) 24
Most Pole Positions (Season) mapMercedes (2014)
mapRed Bull (2011)
mapMcLaren (1988)
18 (94.74%)
18 (94.74%)
15 (93.75%)
Most Consecutive Front Row Lockouts*** mapMercedes (2014-15) 9
Most Front Row Lockouts (Season) mapMercedes (2014) 12
Most Wins — One GP mapFerrari (German GP) 20
Most Wins — One Circuit mapFerrari (Monza) 18
Most Consecutive Constructors Championships mapFerrari (1999-2004) 6
Race Records
Fastest F1 Race mapItalian GP ’03 247.585 km/h
Fastest F1 Lap mapKeke Rosberg (Williams-Honda) mapBritish GP ’85 258.984 km/h
Highest Average Lap Speed mapJuan Pablo Montoya (Williams-BMW) mapItalian GP ’04 FP1 262.242 km/h
Closest F1 Finish mapPeter Gethin (BRM)
mapRonnie Peterson (March-Ford)
mapItalian GP ’71 0.01s
Shortest F1 Race mapAustralian GP ’91 24m 34.899s
Most GP DNFs Only 4 cars finishing mapMonaco GP ’66
mapMonaco GP ’96
Youngest F1 Podium S. Vettel, H. Kovalainen, R. Kubica mapItalian GP ’08 23Yr, 350Dy
* F1 scoring massively elevated GP wins from 10 to 25 points, and other classifications respectively higher, in 2010.
** Driver started from pole position, set fastest lap and won, leading every lap of a Grand Prix.
*** Team qualifies both P1 and P2 on modern, two-by-two F1 starting grid.


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  1. Most GP 3rd Places (Career)

    Rubens Barrichello doesn’t have this record for himself, at the moment both Raikkonen and Alonso equals that record..if I’m not wrong..

      1. It doesn’t actually change anything, because Kimi nor Alonso haven’t scored 3rd places this year so far..

        I do not say it’s wrong with Barrichellos name at the record, but he doesn’t have it alone

        1. I can see that Kimi captured his 28th 3rd place in Singapore 2013 and Alonso did it in the Chinese Grand Prix 2014 🙂

  2. What I wrote to you is the correct answer, I don’t care if it’s right on this webside, I’m just telling you that Barrichello doesn’t stand for that record alone.

  3. Actually, you can even take a look under ‘Stats’ –> ‘Top 15 All-Time Drivers’ –> ‘Percentage of Podium (1-2-3) Finishes’, Both Alonso and Kimi will also apear there with 28 3rd places each there + at the other websides I’ve found 🙂

  4. Great list! and it was sooo innoying that mercedes ended their dominace today with 23 consecutive poles in a row! The record is 24 by Williams back in 91 🙁 So close, also for Lewis Hamilton with 8 in a row. Record is Senna with 8 poles in a row.

  5. Hi again Glenn, can you find something about ‘Podiumfinishes on most different tracks’?

    Cheers Kristian

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