6 Most GPs Without A Win

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Mounting the top step on the F1 podium is a feat so challenging, so exceptional, that some drivers never get there, despite toiling in the field for years. They’re the unheralded worker bees of Grand Prix racing.
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Mercedes W05

Six Most Grands Prix Without A Victory
Rank Driver Career Races
1 flagAndrea de Cesaris 1980-94 208
2 flagNick Heidfeld 2000-11 185
3 flagMartin Brundle 1984-89, 91-96 158
4 flagDerek Warwick 1981-93 146
5 flagJeane-Pierre Jarier 1973-83 134
6 flagEddie Cheever 1978, 1981-89 132
There’s a reason some F1 drivers never get the laurels and honor of winning a Grand Prix. Perhaps it is skill (but they’re all quick), perhaps it is technology (but all cars are built from scratch) or perhaps it’s money (but they all bring lots of sponsors’ dollars). These are the top six exercises in futility for a Formula One racing career.


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