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From Farina and Fangio to Schumacher, Vettel and Hamilton, from Alfa Roméo and Ferrari to Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren, Formula One’s history is alive with the triumph of skill and technology, the crushing disappointment of lost opportunities and the tragedy of lives cut short of their zenith. The history of Grand Prix racing is the saga of human endeavor and accomplishment, of the sheer will to win.

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Copyright © 1997, 2016 by Glenn B. Manishin. Many thanks to and selected statistics and quotations from Grand Prix Racing: The Enthusiast’s Companion, by Anthony Pritchard (Aston Publications Ltd. 1992), an anthology of Grand Prix racing spanning nearly 100 years, Grand Prix Showdown, by the late Christopher Hilton (Patrick Stephens Ltd. 1992, 2009), which profiles the championship deciding races in each of the 1950-2008 F1 seasons, the Marlboro Grand Prix Guide 1950-90, by Jacques Deschenaux (1991), an extremely fact-filled but out-of-print F1 compendium, The Mechanic’s Tale: Life In the Pit Lanes of Formula One, by Steve Matchett (Orion Books 2000), a memoir from Michael Schumacher’s chief Benetton mechanic during the 1994-95 championship years, the tremendous Autocourse series, the premiere Formula One annual, and Autocourse: 60 Years of World Championship Grand Prix Motor Racing, by famed F1 journalist Alan Henry, Editor (Hazelton Publishing Ltd.), and various iterations of Peter Windsor‘s almost poetic F1 blogs. Photo credits.
The best in F1 season review videos, 1950-2013.
> F1 Origins 

> The Early Years

> The British Era

> Wings & Ground Effects

> The Turbo Era

> The Active Cars

> After Tamburello

> Grooves & Young Lions

> Scuderia Resurgent

> Into the Void

Photo credits — Autosport (Canada 1991; Australia 1991); LAT Photographic (Andretti 1978; Schumacher 2001); Sports Illustrated/Clive Brunskill/Allsport (Tamburello 1994); T.C. March (Farina 1950); Darren Heath (Brazil 2008). Several Grand Prix posters courtesy of Malcolm Mitchell’s Programme Covers Project.


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