6 Longest Waits To Win

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Mounting the top step on the F1 podium is a feat so challenging, so exceptional, it has been accomplished by only about 90 men in more than 65 years. Sometimes it takes awhile, even for champions.
Checkered Bar

Mercedes W05

Six Most Races To First Grand Prix Win
Rank Driver Season-Race Races
1 flagMark Webber 2009-Germany 130
2 flagRubens Barrichello 2000-Germany 124
3 flagJarno Trulli 2004-Monaco 117
4 flagJenson Button 2006-Hungary 113
5 flagGiancarlo Fisichella 2003-Brazil 110
6 flagMika Häkkinen 1997-Europe 96
Driving a Formula One car has always been a challenging, learning experience. It takes time to master racecraft and strategy — to say nothing of securing a ride with a title-contending team. Given huge budgets, it is the backmarker teams which typically hire young drivers, making that first Grand Prix win even more elusive. As these numbers show, however, even World Champions sometimes must wait years to take their first F1 checkered flag.


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