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For almost 50 years F1 rewarded the top six classified Grand Prix finishers with World Championship points. These “Top 6” vignettes — some of the most popular pages on F1A&G — are so-named in honor of that longevity. While all things must change in Formula One, as this series reveals, some things really do remain the same.

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Red Bull 2013 Six Most Poignant F1 Moments
There are moments in the history of Formula One that tear at one’s heart strings — that make even the most cynical observer of the F1 circus pine with empathy. Perhaps even bring a tear to the eye. These are a few of them.
Red Bull 2013 Six Youngest F1 Drivers updated
Where driving talent is concerned, these days it can burgeon at an indecently young age through the highly competitive ranks of karting. Despite this, two of the six youngest drivers to start a Formula One GP raced their first 30 or more years ago.
Red Bull 2013 Six Longest Waits For First GP Win
Mounting the top step on the F1 podium is a feat so challenging, so exceptional, it has been accomplished by only about 90 men in more than 60 years. Sometimes it takes awhile, even for champions.
Red Bull 2013 Six Best Crashes In F1
Anyone who experienced motor racing accidents in the 1960s and ’70s will immediately understand that a “great” crash can only occur in recent decades. Before carbon fiber monocoques, survival cells, fire-retardant driving suits and crash safety standards, Formula One accidents typically resulted in dismemberment and death, for both drivers and spectators. The criteria of a great F1 crash hence must include — as do all of these incredible shunts — the driver walking away (relatively) unharmed.
Red Bull 2013 Six Top F1 Qualifiers
Putting your car on the front row, P1, has never been harder in Formula One than today, but it’s always been a difficult undertaking. Here are the best qualifiers of all time, including a current driver who is vaulting rapidly into statistical history.
Red Bull 2013 Six Best Comeback Drives
Some of the most remarkable Grands Prix ever witnessed a driver well off the pace charging decisively through the field to take (or almost) the checkered flag. The best comebacks of all time are remembered here.
Red Bull 2013 Six Most GPs Without a Win
There’s a reason some F1 drivers never get the laurels and honor of winning a Grand Prix. Perhaps it is skill (but they’re all quick), perhaps it is technology (but all cars are built from scratch) or perhaps it’s money (but they all bring lots of sponsors’ dollars). These are the top six exercises in futility for a Formula One racing career.
Red Bull 2013 Six Best Corners In F1
Some are old, some new and some now relegated to the dustbin of Formula One history. But these six special corners represent everything that epitomizes the F1 saga through the ages.
Red Bull 2013 Six Most Wins But No Title
Stirling Moss earned the dubious accolade of the greatest F1 driver never to win a World Championship. But he’s hardly alone in taking the checkered flag lots of times without a crowning title.
Red Bull 2013 Six Top One-Pole Wonders
These are some of the more infamous achievements in Formula One history, drivers who topped the qualifying time sheets only once in their careers. Even happens to World Champions!
Red Bull 2013 Six Top One-Win Wonders
Not including the nine Americans who won the Indy 500 when it counted towards the World Championship, 23 drivers have won just a single Grand Prix. These are some of the most memorable.
Red Bull 2013 Six Longest Win Streaks
It takes reliability, consistency and determination to emerge victorious in consecutive GPs, let alone a winning streak of five races or more. It’s also a telling indicator of World Championship destiny, as each of these pilots won the F1 drivers crown in the seasons covering their podium dominance.
Red Bull 2013 Six Best Ferrari Debuts new
The prancing horse of Scuderia Ferrari has seen its share of wondrous first-time drives, with these leading the field, each putting in a truly masterful performance in his first Grand Prix for Maranello.

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