This enthusiast-designed site is still the work of just one passionate F1 aficionado.

Glenn Manishin—F1A&G

Web pioneer, tech lawyer, double-diamond skier, photography buff, bonsai master, iPad and Fantasy Football fan. Look for him at Glenn’s Web or on Twitter.


Formula One Art & Genius is my celebration of the timeless qualities that have made F1 Grand Prix motor racing the sporting world’s most exciting spectacle for nearly seven decades. F1A&G does not focus on the breaking news stories of today, but rather on the ebbs and flows of personalities, teams and technology over the years that epitomize the F1 saga. With an eye towards history — against which all current F1 drivers must be measured — and with a keen appreciation for the legends of the sport, F1A&G offers a glimpse inside the power and glory of Formula One.

Monza 2006

Austin 2012


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