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Formula One Art & Genius is this enthusiast’s celebration of the timeless qualities that have made F1 Grand Prix motor racing the sporting world’s most exciting spectacle for seven decades. F1A&G does not focus on the breaking news stories of today, but rather on the ebbs and flows of personalities, teams and technology over the years that epitomize the F1 saga. With an eye towards history — against which all current F1 drivers must be measured — and with a keen appreciation for the legends of the sport, F1A&G offers a glimpse inside the power and glory of Formula One.

The story of F1 is a saga of men striving for perfection in controlling a car at speed, in skating on the edge of adhesion and becoming one with their machines. The selected quotes below capture for me what is the true spirit of Formula One, about men and their sophisticated cars, about conquering the inner demons separating champions from backmarkers, and about the human struggle to overcome the inevitable tragedies of motor racing — where all but one driver always lose every race. Sample the photos, profiles, statistics, commentary and videos available on this site, and please take a moment to check out what once was, before the time of Google and Wikipedia, perhaps the definitive Internet history of Formula One. Whatever, F1A&G remains a timeless tribute to the remarkable racing series that is Formula One.

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QuoteFormula One is a saga of ecstacy and agony — of the absolute joy of winning, and of tragedy, fury, crushing disappointment. It includes the heroic losers as well as those who achieved motorsport’s premier accolade. The saga embraces the moody, enigmatic Farina, the grace of Fangio, the precision of Prost, the mythology of Lauda, the focus of Hunt and Hamilton, the bravery of Mansell and the dignity of the Hills. And it is haunted still by the mysterious gifts of Clark and Senna.Quote

Grand Prix Showdown — Christopher Hilton (2009)

British GP 67

QuoteThese are stories of classic drives, not classic cars, of races won by drivers on rare talent alone, not by men in superior cars, but by men against superior cars which made their task look impossible.Quote

Ayrton Senna: A Tribute — Ivan Rendall (1994)

Kovlainen 10

QuoteSky-high technology and canyon-deep subterfuge make Formula One racing unique, which is why the argument is sometimes advanced that it’s not a sport as much as an engineering exercise, a global marketing program and a cutthroat business affecting and reflecting the economic strength of entire countries.Quote

“Still Head Of the Class:” Sports Illustrated — Sam Moses (1991)

Senna eyes

QuoteYou need to know Spa to savour Senna, the steepness of the descent to Eau Rouge, the strange ferocity of the left-right kink at the bottom; you need to know that Eau Rouge is to be taken at high speed, flat out, balls to the wall.Quote

Ayrton Senna: The Hard Edge of Genius — Christopher Hilton (1994)

Canada 2012 Podium

QuoteMost drivers go trundling along in the belief that they are the best in the world. Then suddenly one day you have to accept that someone is blowing your doors off. It’s a mind game. There are no bad drivers, there are no idiots, because you cannot drive those cars unless you are supremely skilled. They’re all quick. It’s just that some are quicker than others.Quote

Martin Brundle (2007)


QuoteDruring the three days of a Grand Prix weekend, the human capacity for excellence, for ingenuity, for callousness, for vulgarity, for sheer noise, for waste, for drink, for beauty — those capacities are stretched just as far as they can go. Except for war.Quote

Champions Forever: The Quick And the Dead — Claude du Boc (1980)


QuoteGrand Prix motor racing can never be safe. It has survived great change, feasts and famine, with admirable versatility. It has had many contemporary caretakers over the years, but the sport is still here to tell its tale and will be for the foreseeable future. Long live Grand Prix motor racing!Quote

Jackie Stewart (1994)


QuoteThere is a fundamental difference between F1 up to the mid-1980s and everything after. Before it, cars were too fragile to allow bumping and barging; drivers were gentlemanly not least because the alternative was much, much worse. . . . It is no use mourning the innocence of days gone by. Every era in Formula 1 is hard; all you can say is that Michael Schumacher drove at a time when F1 was hard in a way it hadn’t ever been before. Quote

Michael Schumacher: The Whole Story — Christopher Hilton (2007)


QuoteMotor racing is dangerous, by definition. Motor racing is exciting. Motor racing is a sport that brings people to the limit: men and machine. It must be seen as that. And people that are on the limit, equipment that is on the limit, are bound to go wrong from time to time. That must be taken into consideration as part of the game.Quote

Ayrton Senna (1993)

La Source

QuoteFangio is on a level much higher than I see myself. What he did stands alone. I have such respect for what he achieved. You can’t take a personality like Fangio and compare him with what has happened today. There is not even the slightest comparison.Quote

Michael Schumacher (2007)


QuoteCornering is like bringing a woman to climax… [But] that was a time when motor racing was really dangerous and sex was safe.Quote

Jackie Stewart (2013)



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