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Only 33 men have won the Formula One World Championship in the 67 seasons since the modern era began in 1950, while ten — Schumacher, Fangio, Prost, Brabham, Stewart, Lauda, Piquet, Senna, Vettel and Hamilton — have topped the season leader board three or more times, making the F1 driving crown the most elusive title in the world.

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Statistics though 2016 season.
Year Driver Chassis-Engine
2016 mapNico Rosberg Mercedes W07
2015 mapLewis Hamilton Mercedes W06
2014 mapLewis Hamilton Mercedes W05
2013 mapSebastian Vettel Red Bull RB9 Renault
2012 mapSebastian Vettel Red Bull RB8 Renault
2011 mapSebastian Vettel Red Bull RB7 Renault
2010 mapSebastian Vettel Red Bull RB6 Renault
2009 mapJenson Button Brawn BGP01 Mercedes
2008 mapLewis Hamilton McLaren MP4/24 Mercedes
2007 mapKimi Räikkönen Ferrari F2007
2006 flagFernando Alonso Renault R26
2005 flagFernando Alonso Renault R25
2004 mapMichael Schumacher Ferrari F2004
2003 mapMichael Schumacher Ferrari F2003-GA
2002 mapMichael Schumacher Ferrari F2002
2001 mapMichael Schumacher Ferrari F2001
2000 mapMichael Schumacher Ferrari F2000
1999 mapMika Häkkinen McLaren MP4/14 Mercedes
1998 mapMika Häkkinen McLaren MP4/13 Mercedes
1997 mapJacques Villeneuve Williams FW19 Renault
1996 mapDamon Hill Williams FW18B Renault
1995 mapMichael Schumacher Benetton B195 Renault
1994 mapMichael Schumacher Benetton B194 Ford
1993 mapAlain Prost Williams FW15C Renault
1992 mapNigel Mansell Williams FW14B Renault
1991 mapAyrton Senna McLaren MP4/6 Honda
1990 mapAyrton Senna McLaren MP4/5B Honda
1989 mapAlain Prost McLaren MP4/5 Honda
1988 mapAyrton Senna McLaren MP4/4 Honda
1987 mapNelson Piquet Williams FW11B Honda
1986 mapAlain Prost McLaren MP4/2C TAG
1985 mapAlain Prost McLaren MP4/2B TAG
1984 mapNiki Lauda McLaren MP4/2 TAG
1983 mapNelson Piquet Brabham BT52/BT52B BMW
1982 mapKeke Rosberg Williams FW08 Cosworth
1981 mapNelson Piquet Brabham BT49C Cosworth
1980 mapAlan Jones Williams FW07/FW07b Cosworth
1979 mapJody Scheckter Ferrari 312T4
1978 mapMario Andretti Lotus 78 Cosworth
1977 mapNiki Lauda Ferrari 312T2
1976 mapJames Hunt McLaren M23 Cosworth
1975 mapNiki Lauda Ferrari 312T
1974 mapEmerson Fittipaldi McLaren M23 Cosworth
1973 mapJackie Stewart Tyrrell 006 Cosworth
1972 mapEmerson Fittipaldi Lotus 72 Cosworth
1971 mapJackie Stewart Tyrrell 003 Cosworth
1970 mapJochen Rindt Lotus 72 Cosworth
1969 mapJackie Stewart Matra MS10 Cosworth
1968 mapGraham Hill Lotus 49 Cosworth
1967 mapDenny Hulme Brabham BT20 Repco
1966 mapJack Brabham Brabham BT19 Repco
1965 mapJim Clark Lotus 33 Climax
1964 mapJohn Surtees Ferrari 158
1963 mapJim Clark Lotus 25 Climax
1962 mapGraham Hill BRM P578
1961 mapPhil Hill Ferrari 156
1960 mapJack Brabham Cooper T53 Climax
1959 mapJack Brabham Cooper T51 Climax
1958 mapMike Hawthorn Ferrari 246
1957 mapJuan Manuel Fangio Maserati 250F
1956 mapJuan Manuel Fangio Lancia-Ferrari D50/D50A
1955 mapJuan Manuel Fangio Mercedes W196
1954 mapJuan Manuel Fangio Maserati 250F/Mercedes W196
1953 mapAlberto Ascari Ferrari 500
1952 mapAlberto Ascari Ferrari 500
1951 mapJuan Manuel Fangio Alfa Roméo 158/159
1950 mapGiuseppe Farina Alfa Roméo 158


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