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The art and genius of Formula One motor racing is represented best in photographs of the cars and drivers who have made the sport their stage over the decades. Many thanks to those F1 enthusiasts who have graciously contributed to these photo galleries.

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The Classic Era (1950-69)

Classic Era The classic era of Formula One was a very different time — before sponsors, downforce, worldwide TV and multimillion dollar contracts. These Grand Prix legends competed for the love of the sport, risking death in every race.

The Third Decade (1970-82)

Third Decade The third decade of Formula One witnessed radical changes in Grand Prix technology — from wings to ground effects — and starred some of the best drivers of all  time, including Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi and Niki Lauda.

The Modern Era (1983-94)

Modern Era The modern era of Formula One traces from the introduction of turbos in the early 1980s, to the tremendous “active cars” that were banned after the 1993 season, to the turmoil  in the aftermath of Ayrton Senna’s tragic 1994 accident at the San Marino GP.

The Schumacher Era (1995-2005)

Schumacher Era For a full decade Michael Schumacher dominated Formula One like no other driver in history, handily eclipsing contemporary rivals Villeneuve, Häkkinen, Hill and others, on the way to an astounding seven World Championships.

The New Lions (2006-present)

New Lions Led by Vettel, Hamilton, Alonoso, Rosberg and Button, the new lions in today’s F1 circus are navigating radically different sporting waters with ever-changing rules, circuits and sponsors, while vying to claim leadership of another Grand Prix generation.

The Drivers (All Eras)

Drivers The legendary drivers of F1, and today’s contemporary heros, seen up close, in the cockpit — with the intensity and determination of champions — and on the winners’ podium in joyous celebration.

The Art & Genius

Art & Genius Formula One is an inherently beautiful sport. Even more so through the photographer’s lens. Thanks to the many photographic artists represented in this gallery.
Photo Credits
Except as indicated, all images are believed to be in the public domain. Many personal photographs and related memorabilia, including Tyrrell 006, Marlboro McLarens, Alan Jones and Phoenix 1990, graciously donated to F1A&G by Peter Hovis. Several excellent vintage photos (Fittipaldi, Cevert, Boutsen, Courage, etc.) supplied by Franco Varani. Beautiful Michael Schumacher Ferrari F310 photo (“Michael ’97“) copyright © 1997 by Mark Holmes, F1 Design. Several superb driver close-ups (“Fab 4,” Piquet, Berger, Irvine, D. Hill, etc.) and Schumacher’s ’98 Melbourne engine blow-out by Arie van der Laan. Several excellent vintage shots from the 1975 United States Grand Prix, including Watkins Glen 1975, Andretti—Watkins Glen 1975 and Lauda—Watkins Glen 1975, as well as Button—Canada 2011, copyright © Peter Corrigan. Catalunya 1998 test photos (Hakkinen, Wurz) by Damià Mor-Barcelona. Autographed Clark ’65 photo courtesy of Luis Pedro Lamas. Several classic Zandvoort Dutch GP photos (Watson/Penske, Fittipaldi/Copersucar, etc.) by G. Standaar. Watkins Glen (G. Hill, Hulme and Surtees) personal photos by Bob Sanderson of the former Sandman’s Historic Race Car Gallery site. Gurney (Lowes) and Clark (small close-up) photos from Bob Westinicky’s now-defunct RaceZine site. Mansell paddock close-up copyright © 1992 by David Cunliffe. Senna (Williams ’94) and several nice photos, including Schumacher at La Source ’97, from Martijn’s BadYear’s BuRnOut. Catalunya 2009 and Lewis copyright © Darren Heath. Karun Chandhok copyright © AFP. Red Bull Home Run by Jonathan Armstrong. Argentina 1980 copyright © Sutton Images. Grosjean 2012 copyright © Lotus F1 Team. Canada 1983 and Keke 1985 copyright © LAT Photographic. Any copyright notices should be directed to attention of the F1A&G webmaster.

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