Formula One to Announce Details on U.S. Grand Prix

Details surrounding the arrival of the United States Grand Prix circuit, such as location, are expected to be disclosed Tuesday morning at a Formula One press conference. Austin, Texas has been awarded rights to host the race from 2012 to 2021 But while race organizers have said that state money won’t be used to build the track, the $25M F1 fee came from state tax revenues.

Formula One to Announce New Details on Grand Prix.

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  1. The formula one race in Austin will become so expensive to attend that in short time, nobody will be able to watch it. Hotels will bleed fans, somehow the unions will be there with their hands out and old Bernie will become richer no matter what happens. It was too expensive to stay at Indy unless you camped at the KOA which was the best deal. Canada is the same. Expensive hotels as they require you to stay a minimum of 3 nights and unless you purchase an assigned spot, you cannot see anyting. Indy may not have been the best track, but you could roam around and see much of the race for your ticket. Indy also had the best and most friendliest workers. Seniors there made it great.

  2. Austin GP will become so expensive that nobody will be able to stay there. Just as Indy hotels became excessive. The best was staying at the KOA which was the best deal. Indy may not have been the best track, but for your ticket you also could roam the whole track and see much of it. Canada is the same with prices. Hotels require 3 nights stay for 3-400 per night then the ticket and food. Also if you don’t purchase a seat ticket you cannot see a thing. After Bernie, the unions and all get there outrageous fees etc. the race will die. Give me the ALMS, with great close racing, friendly drivers and access to the garage/pit tents for about $60 for the day and you have the best time of your life. Lime Rock Park is the best for racing. Last who wants to go to Texas. It is just too far for most race fans.


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