Brazilian GP 2012

How on earth could the final act of the gripping and dramatic 2012 F1 season surpass what had gone before? Surely it couldn’t happen? Well it did. Here, Sebastian Vettel takes the checkered flag for 6th place at Interlagos in last year’s final race, securing his 3rd consecutive Formula One title.

Vettel—Brazil 2012 flag

[O]ne of the beauties of the F1 World Championship is that it is not the sort of prize you can just luck into, and it can’t be said that Sebastian Vettel is at all undeserving. It was no walk in the park for him for much of this year, yet Seb scored consistently and determinedly when the Bull was up against it (which was most of the first two-thirds of the season) and then he was imperious as we’ve grown to expect when the Bull kicked late on. It’s difficult to see how much more could have been expected of him. And he demonstrated today, for the nth time, that he can race.

Courtesy of F1plus.


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