Qualifying Postponed By Rain!

Melbourne 2013 qualifying

Rain and bad light stopped play at Albert Park on Saturday evening, forcing an historic postponement of qualifying to decide grid positions for Sunday afternoon’s Australian Grand Prix until the morning of the big race. The quickest driver in the atrocious conditions in the first Q1 stint was Nico Rosberg — more impressive than his teammate Lewis Hamilton, who had an early scare when he came off the track and suffered a damaged rear wing.

As McLaren’s Jenson Button commented:

That is not what Formula One racing is about. It is about a guy trying to tame a 750-horsepower Formula One car, but in conditions where he can possibly tame it. In this, we are not in control of the situations. You can say 30 years ago that they probably would have raced in these conditions, but safety has come a long way in terms of the circuits and the way that we view safety.

Rain causes havoc in F1 | Sydney Morning Herald.


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