Colin Chapman On Jim Clark

Clark—Silverstone 1967

Colin Chapman’s engineering genius for Team Lotus in the 1960s was matched only by Jim Clark’s sublime and innate skill as a racing driver. In this first-person account, Chapman pays homage to his fallen comrade.

I think without undue prejudice – although I must admit to a little – I can’t see any that have anywhere near the total ability that Jimmy had. Really, his ability was so much greater than even he revealed. He rarely drove to his capacity, very rarely indeed, and this makes the gulf between him and other racing drivers even bigger. Certainly it is bigger than is shown purely by the record book. It wasn’t what he did, it was the way he did it. He did it with such reserves, that it was almost incredible to believe that it was possible to find such reserves in one man.

Tribute to Jim Clark by Colin Chapman | Motorsport Retro.


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