Monaco Before and After F1

Fascinating pictorial comparison of normal street traffic and the racing circuit in Monaco. Did you know that the apex of Ste. Devote (Turn 1) is normally a roundabout that is removed every year then put back afterwards, as are the bollards?

How Monaco Grand Prix Looks Before and After Formula 1 Arrives | Bleacher Report.

Ste. Devote

Ste. Devote 2014

Ste. Devote aerial

To achieve this remarkable transformation, race organizers at the Automobile Club de Monaco use 21 kilometers of safety rails, around 1 kilometer of Tecpro (Armco) barriers, around 20,000 square meters of wire netting, 1.5 tons of grandstand material, 3,000 protection tires, 800 fire extinguishers — one for every 15 meters of track — and nine cranes. To build it all they have around 250 people working, paid for by the companies we hire. And then during the race itself they have more than 2,000 people — mostly volunteers like the marshals and stewards, but also people like police and doctors who are paid.

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